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A Super Bowl commercial isn’t your answer. Neither is lighting yourself on fire.

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“If I only had the budget for a Super Bowl commercial, sales would go through the roof.” – about a billion business owners

The Super Bowl myth is the dream of so many business owners.

“If I can get enough people to know about me, they’ll buy my product.”

But, what if our thinking is wrong? Maybe awareness isn’t the first step.

Awareness alone doesn’t lead to results.

I could paint my face green, light myself on fire, and dive into the fountain at the mall. And guess what? People would pay attention. They’d be aware of me.

That doesn’t mean they’d be any closer to knowing why they might choose to do business with me, though. If people don’t connect to or resonate with our message, it doesn’t matter if a bajillion people hear it.

The first step is WHY.

Why should people care about what you offer?

Your idea, project, or organization helps people. It meets a desire they have. It hopefully does that in a unique way. Telling your story should help people from move “huh?” to “I get it!”

If they get it, they can decide if they want it.

They probably won’t want it if they don’t get it.

They probably won’t get it until you’ve answered the question “Why?”.

A Super Bowl ad or lighting yourself on fire doesn’t answer the question.

Looking for help to answer the question “Why?” ? Download our free 10-minute brand starter guide.

It just might help you move customers from “huh?” to “I get it!” Without the fire.

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Jeremy SecrestA Super Bowl commercial isn’t your answer. Neither is lighting yourself on fire.

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