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As I’ve mentioned earlier, my day job is serving as Marketing Director for the Evansville Christian Life Center, a nonprofit working to fight poverty and strengthen families in the tri-state area.

The ECLC is celebrating 30 years of service this year, which is an exciting milestone for any nonprofit. However, as the organization has changed in the past few years, it has been difficult to change our perception in the community.

The major change has involved shifting from more handout-focused relief services to offering a hand up with a path of services helping lead people out of where they are and toward their God-given potential.

As a solution, we went through a rebranding process to change our tagline, messaging, and logo/visual identity.

Beginning with a survey of staff and board members, we began uncovering our unique personality and messaging that was already in our culture, just not expressed through our marketing.

ECLC old logo web

We came to the realization that our former visual identity, while well done, expressed our personality and “gentle and caring,” which is very natural for a nonprofit. Yet, the descriptions that kept surfacing from the survey included words like “strong,” “tough love,” “stable.”

Restoring families and individuals through Jesus Christ.

We also realized our former tagline of “restoring families and individuals through Jesus Christ” was accurate, but vague. What were we restoring them from? What were we restoring them to?

Our organization had shifted in identity from that of a maternal caregiver to one of a guide or coach helping lead someone along a path toward restoration.

Evansville Christian Life Center new logo web

The resulting new logo, font, color, and visual identity ideally reflect a combination of strength, timeless yet timely, forward motion, and hopeful. The use of the building was intentional as it represents the strength we wanted to evoke as well as being an iconic building in downtown Evansville.

Restoring people from need to potential.

The new tagline of “restoring people from need to potential” both shortens the phrase while clarifying what it is that the ECLC does.

This new brand story allows the staff and board to more clearly share the mission and work of the ECLC with potential donors and volunteers, which will in turn increase resources to fund the work.

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